What is SwiBic?

SwiBic caters to business card needs of every professional – big and small – enabling them to extract the true value of their network.
SwiBic or Swift Business information compiler is a platform to create, exchange and organize business cards on the go. With SwiBic, you never run out of cards or lose contacts.
Besides a SwiBic card is not just an ordinary identity card, it is your corporate briefcase carrying with itself all necessary documents and marketing instruments in image, document and video form.

How many contacts can I share with?

Users can share their cards and contacts with unlimited number of contacts.

Will Team SwiBic spam me and my contacts or sell my data?

SwiBic does not spam you or your contacts. Neither do we intend to sell any of our user data.
SwiBic does not use advertisement as a source of revenue. Instead, we aim to enhance our platform to suit customer requirements which further pave ways for our monetization plans.

How do I create my profile?

Creating a profile on SwiBic starts by signing up. 
Sign up process can be done via “Sign Up” or by direct Google and LinkedIn Login.
Google and LinkedIn login enables SwiBic platform to pick up vital user information through these platforms, if the user device is logged into them.
This brings the user to Profile Creation Page.After all the fields are entered in this form, profile gets created here.

Is my profile updatable? How many times can I update my profile?

SwiBic profiles can updated using the “Edit” icon on the top left corner of “Profile Screen” in Bic-Card section.
Profiles can be updated any number of times and every change will be updated across all shared contacts every time.

How do I share cards?

Sharing on SwiBic is QR code based.
Click on the Bic-Connect icon as shown in the image above. This will open the "Send Card - Recieve Card" Screen.
Clicking “Send Card” (QR code Screen) and “Receive Card” (QR code scanning screen) opens the below screen respectively.
Scan the QR code to exchange the card. Profiles will be exchanged between both entities proactively.

What is the relevance of "Skills" in Bic-Card Section?

Everyone likes to be identified in his/her corporate circle by their specific novel skills.
SwiBic enables their users to attach their skills to their business cards so that their contacts can identify and earmark them accordingly. The search option in the Bic-wallet section helps users identify the members in their network based on the skills.
Users can also update newly acquired skills to their profiles which will be in turn updated across their acquired network. This eliminates the task of updating every relevant business contact about the users’ accomplishments.

How can I recall my Shared Contacts?

Your exchanged contacts can be accessed by clicking the "Bic-wallet" icon. A specific contact can be recalled based on any detail you remember - Date or Year of exchange, Company name, Location of exchange, skills or anything you remember.

What does the "Document Briefcase" do?

The next logical step after card exchange is exchange of documents – either in the form of physical documents or via mail. Documents in physical form are easily lost and sending personalized mails in one’s hectic schedule is a task.
SwiBic has this incorporated into it. Important information in all forms- text, image or videos- can be easily uploaded along with the user profile into the “Document Briefcase”.